A big move

THE BEES, a beginning

July 15, 2017

Thanks to the help of my grown children, I moved in and set up a new studio at Running with Scissors.


After celebrating over lunch, my oldest child asked “When you return to the studio today, what will you paint first?”

“Honestly, I am tired from packing and moving and unpacking and anticipation of this moment” I said. “I’ll start tomorrow.” Both children have witnessed over the years this familiar refrain when it goes to doing something I really want for myself, put it off until tomorrow.

My resistance was met with encouragement when my son, experienced in redirecting his 3 young children, kindly suggested “Why don’t you just go in and draw a bee? You like bees. Just one drawing. Text it along to us and then head home.”

Because he doesn’t do Facebook, he suggested I keep up the ritual of drawing, painting, photographing and text a copy daily.

That’s how I began…. Nice to be in your company, Scissors.

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