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When Don Lindgren* saw my drawing of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in July, he asked me to create drawings for his presentation at the 2017 Symposium of Food and Cookery in Oxford UK. He envisioned simple line drawings to help illustrate “ingredient mapping” process used to study antique cookbooks.

Happily diving into the project, I visited Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth NH and Laudholm and Spiller Farms in Wells ME for inspiration, and put my pencil to paper.

These drawings were included in his award-winning presentation and paper “Food & Landscape, Steps Toward an Ecology of the Cookbook: Landscape in the Cookbook and the Cookbook in its Landscape.”

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From the experience, I discovered that I like drawing as much as I like photographing. In August, I moved into Running with Scissors Artist Studios with sharpened Toison D’Or 8B pencil in hand. 

*Don Lindgren is a rare bookseller, appraiser and cataloger of literary and artistic archives of significance, and founder with his wife Samantha Hoyt Lindgren of Rabelais Fine Books on Food & Drink. He serves on the Board of Governors of Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, a member of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, the Ephemera Society of America, and the Wayward Tendrils.

A big move

THE BEES, a beginning

July 15, 2017

Thanks to the help of my grown children, I moved in and set up a new studio at Running with Scissors.


After celebrating over lunch, my oldest child asked “When you return to the studio today, what will you paint first?”

“Honestly, I am tired from packing and moving and unpacking and anticipation of this moment” I said. “I’ll start tomorrow.” Both children have witnessed over the years this familiar refrain when it goes to doing something I really want for myself, put it off until tomorrow.

My resistance was met with encouragement when my son, experienced in redirecting his 3 young children, kindly suggested “Why don’t you just go in and draw a bee? You like bees. Just one drawing. Text it along to us and then head home.”

Because he doesn’t do Facebook, he suggested I keep up the ritual of drawing, painting, photographing and text a copy daily.

That’s how I began…. Nice to be in your company, Scissors.

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